Network Infrastructure

We offer full-service network infrastructure deployment, including network hardware and peripherals. We ensure that the installation runs smoothly long before the physical installation begins, thanks to our thorough pre-installation checklist and comprehensive implementation planning processes. We ensure that all devices and system components function as an integrated part of the overall system in order to provide a seamless operating environment for our client’s business.

Data Center

Our reliance on data is growing at an exponential rate. With so many aspects of our economic, commercial, and social lives now online, data centers, also known as mission critical facilities, have emerged as one of the most important types of infrastructure. Due to loads of data, there are high chances of data centers shutting down. Shutting down a data center does not just affect the accessibility, but it is very costly. 

Apart from developing and deploying the infrastructure for data centers, our strategic objectives to our clients are also to provide 99.99 percent uptime with a zero downtime on mission critical equipment, by doing so we initiate preventive maintenance.

This preventative maintenance is the process to ensure the minimum amount of equipment shut down and failures. The maintenance aims at scheduled analyses to catch the defect before occurring. 

High Speed Internet Access

We design and deploy solutions tailored to meet our client’s everyday as well as business requirements. Our client’s connectivity is the backbone for everything, from e-mail communications to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications, inter-company communication, critical data backup, data center transfers and infrastructure efficiency etc.

We partner with reliable ISP providers to offer connectivity solutions for all requirements: dedicated fibre link, point to point wireless radio link, satellite link, mobile communication, tracking systems, maritime communication and entertainment, satellite phone, etc.